Fun Snaps are the closest thing to a real explosive that any 90’s kid could get that hand on. Basically a novelty firework, Fun Snaps is the branded name for a loud noise maker, sometimes referred to as bang snaps, throwdowns, snap-its or snappers amongst other things!

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How Do Fun Snaps Work?

Fun Snaps are incredibly simple; they consist of a coarse material such as gravel or sand, with a small amount of explosive, wrapped in a thin paper.

When energy is introduced, such as by throwing or stepping on them, the explosive is detonated and produces a sharp, loud bang. Because of the high proportion of inert material compared to explosive, they are relatively harmless and therefore don’t act like any other ‘dangerous’ explosive.

When packaged, they are contained within a plastic bag inside sawdust – this helps to prevent any ‘bangs’ during shipping and transportation, but they can make a mess if you are not careful when opening them!

Fun Snap Pranks

The thing with Fun Snaps is they are so versatile. Because even one snap can cause enough shock, using multiple at once will ensure hilarity!

Check out this video below from an American YouTube prankster who shows you 5 simple but effective pranks that anybody can try:

Buy Fun Snaps

I was surprised how easily available Fun Snaps are to buy, even though I hadn’t seen any for ages until recently.

Your best place to try is any good local toy or gift shop, but you can also buy Fun Snaps online, they usually come in bulk because they are inexpensive.

You can buy fun snaps here!

Fun Snap FAQ’s

Are Fun Snaps Dangerous?

It is relatively easy to buy fun snaps, albeit that you are aged 16 or over. However, fun snaps contain an explosive, and for this reason, they are still dangerous. One fun snap on its own will cause little more than a loud bang, and a little heat. If you snap more than one at a time, you obviously increase the heat and the sound, so be careful what you do with them.

Can Fun Snaps Hurt?

This coincides with the previous point. Anything that produces an explosion will hurt. In fact, I once threw a single fun snap at my younger brother when he had no top on. It made a ‘pop’, but burnt him and left a small red mark on his skin. I got in big trouble for that…

Do Fun Snaps Contain Gun Powder?

Fun snaps contain an explosive, but they don’t contain gun powder. They in fact us a similar explosive called silver fulminate, the same material used in crackers. They contain such a small amount (0.2mg) per snap, that limits how explosive they can be, making them ‘safe’ enough to use as a toy.

Can You Take Fun Snaps On A Plane?

In short, no. Fun snaps contain explosives, and whilst they are likely to cause no damage, letting a fun snap off on a plane is likely to cause pandemonium, and likely end up with you getting arrested. It’s not even worth the hassle.

Fun Snap Age Restrictions

To buy fun snaps, you have to be 16. This is also the case, if you use them or are in possession of them. Whilst you will get in serious trouble for taking them on a plane, it is highly unlikely you will ever get in trouble elsewhere. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

How Can I Make Fun Snaps Louder?

Fun Snaps are not designed to be made louder. The amount of explosive in them is deemed the safe level for their use. To make Fun Snaps louder, you need more explosive material. Hence the obvious choice is to unwrap lots of fun snaps and make them into a bigger one.

But, please don’t try this. Explosives are incredibly sensitive to heat, friction, static and water, and can go off without notice. If you have more of the explosive than usual, you can cause yourself serious harm. This is exactly the same reasoning as why you shouldn’t play with fireworks!

How do I buy Fun Snaps in Bulk?

Whilst you can buy individual fun snaps, they are hard to come by and usually cost a couple of pounds from any local store.

Your best bet is to buy Fun Snaps in Bulk – ebay have the best prices, starting at less than £3 for 500 of them.