My parents never let me have Buckaroo, but that didn’t stop me using my finding any opportunity to play it around my friends houses.

It was released in 1989 – one year before the wonderful 90s – and remains on sale till this day.

How do you play Buckaroo?

Buckaroo is the ultimate game of skill.

Players must carefully balance a selection of plastic items on the back of the plastic mule – named Roo (who knew that?!). Players take it in turns to balance the items on the back on the mule, with the saddle being the first piece that must be placed on his back.

The player who causes the Roo to buck up, is the loser, and knocked out of the game. In the event that all pieces are placed on his back without Roo bucking up, that person becomes the winner!

Although it sounds easy, a delicate touch is needed to ensure you don’t trigger Roo to buck up too easily. If you find the game too easy or difficult however, you can alter the settings – located on the side of the mule’s body – under the blanket!

Can you still buy Buckaroo?

Yes, Buckaroo is still on sale, over 30 years after its first release.

Although the game has remained the same over these years, the design has had some slight modifications over the years. It retails in the UK around £13.

Special Edition Buckaroo

Sometimes, you get special editions of games. However, Buckaroo is one that has avoided that trend – almost.

Did you know, there is a special edition Toy Story version?

Of course, instead of Roo, the main character is Bullseye, the horse from Toy Story 2 onwards!

buckaroo toy story edition

What animal is Buckaroo?

Buckaroo is a mule, named Roo. Except, he’s made of plastic.

Does Buckaroo need batteries?

No, Buckaroo is a battery free game. It uses a spring to trigger the action that can make or break a game!

What are the game pieces in Buckaroo?

The pieces that you are required to balance on the mule are the following:

  • bedroll
  • canteen
  • cowboy hat
  • crate
  • frying pan
  • guitar
  • holster
  • lantern
  • saddle
  • shovel
  • stick of dynamite