Technically, the Nokia 3310 shouldn’t belong on 90’s Nostalgia, after all, the original Nokia 3310 was released on 1st September 2000.

But, if you ask anybody the first mobile phone that they ever remember, I’m going to put money on them saying the Nokia 3310.

And if I asked those same people what the first mobile phone they owned was, they will probably say this one too.

The thing was incredible and basically indestructible as well!

You could play snake, you could change the covers, and the battery life lasted about a month before you needed to charge it again.

Nokia 3310 Features

Let’s go back in time and check out what made this phone so incredible:

Nokia 3310 Battery Life

At times, it felt like the Nokia 3310 has powered by a small nuclear reactor. However, it simply used a standard Li-Ion battery.

Given the fact that you only really spent time playing games and creating your own custom ringtones and also the fact there was no colour screen, you weren’t using much power at all.

Nokia 3310 Old Ringtone

Not only did was Nokia responsible for making the ringtone that made Dom Joly famous, there were some other classic ringtones.

These included the Mozart, Auld Land Syne and the Nokia tune ringtone. Check out the below video to reminisce!

Nokia 3310 Games

Without doubt, you all remember Snake II on your Nokia 3310. But that wasn’t it.

You could also play Space Impact, Pairs II and Bantumi (who even remembers this?!).

Nokia 3310 Covers

Back in the day, you didn’t need to bother with phone cases. The Nokia 3310 was indestructible enough as it was, it didn’t need additional protection.

However, you could change the colour of the cases as well!

There were a range of colours, these included – but not limited to – Blue, White, Grey and Red:

You can even buy a whole range of custom cases, with ebay still a hotbed for a range of shitty old school Nokia 3310 fascias:


The New Nokia 3310

The New Nokia 3310 has released in 2017, with a whole range of updated features in honour of its previous generation model.

For less than £40, the new model could do a lot more. With 3G and 4G (selected models only) connectivity, you can browse the web, listen to FM radio and even use bluetooth.

It also featured a bigger, full colour screen, rear 2MP camera and microSD card slot to increase the memory.

Whilst not as good looking as the original, it comes in a range of colours similar to its predecessors: